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As a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, Mr. Fivecoat participated in Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm. Later, he also participated in the relief and stabilization efforts after Hurricane Andrew in August 1992. In March of 1994, Dennis participated in response to the Pope AFB plane crash incident. In 2003,
Dennis Fivecoat is a retired US Army physician assistant with a wide variety of functional background and experience. He has seen service in eight different countries encompassing desert, jungle, snow, and maritime missions. His past responsibilities range from combat in SW Asia to hospital duties as an ICU nurse in South Carolina. He has responded during national hurricane relief efforts.
During the response to Hurricane Katrina in October 2005, Mr. Fivecoat supervised the preparation of soldiers deploying to Louisiana. This included immunizations and other medical readiness issues, distribution of first aid kits & medical supplies, last minute training for the mission, and current intelligence briefings for key leaders and deploying troops.

Martial Arts / Defensive Tactics

Training ATAC

Drawing from several decades of personal experience in martial arts and defensive tactics, Dennis Fivecoat uses the techniques that are easiest to learn, safest to practice, and most effective in the least amount of training time. Bruce Lee is quoted with the phrase, “Absorb what is useful”. Having instructor development credentials from several defensive tactics systems as well as four different black belts, Dennis takes the most appropriate facets of each to coach a program that will fit any need.

Expert Witness

Dennis Fivecoat provides consultation and testimony on the reasonable use of force, self-defense, and defense of others. Private citizens may become involved in situations (shootings, brandishing, threats with weapons, excessive force, false arrest, false imprisonment) where the reasonableness and legality of their actions are challenged. Review of actions taken, firearm use, and the education of the expert provide the foundation for determining the reasonableness of each parties’ actions. We review the incident and opine based on local law, training standards, and the reasonableness of the use of force under the circumstances and conditions of the incident.

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Training ATAC

( OC (Pepper Spray), Handcuffing, Baton )